security add-ons


Security Register

The Securities Add-On includes facilities to record Security Item details for Accounts and Clients. Any and all property and chattels involved in the Account may be listed.

It adds key functionality to record collateral information to an Account and/or Clients. Whether your collateral is Land and Buildings, Motor Vehicles, Insurance Policies, Aircraft, Boats, Investments or general goods the Security Register module will capture all the relevant information relating to it.

Security Types help you categorise Security Items into groups of similar items. They also define certain characteristics of the Security Item such as its Collateral Class.

Security Statements hold the list of Security Items together with other pertinent information regarding registration etc. Each Security Statement is then attached to an Account and optionally to individual Clients.


PPSR G2B Interface

In New Zealand the Personal Properties Securities Act (PPSA) and associated Register (PPSR) are a vital part of making sure the collateral a Loan is secured over is properly registered. The PPSR allows Secured Parties to register their security interests via a Financing Statement.

The "Financing Statement" contains a list of Secured Parties (ie Finance Companies), Debtors (ie Borrowers, Guarantors) and Collateral (ie the items that are secured).

The PPSR is a centralised electronic register of "Financing Statements" and related information and is an 24 hour/ 7 days a week real-time, online database. You require an internet connection to access it and there is no manual filing option. There are two access options, a web-based interface and a high volume Government to Business (G2B) interface.

Both interfaces use the internet, but whilst the web-based interface uses a web browser so a user can manually enter information the G2B interface allows a computer to talk directly to the PPSR, bypassing the need for the user to directly enter information into the PPSR. Therefore the PPSR Interface provides both speed and accuracy benefits.



The MotorWeb Interface is an internet based, on-line link to MotorWeb's information services, noteably to display Vehicle Information Reports (VIR).

The VIR contains information on:

  • Securities on current or past number plates
  • Inconsistent odometer readings or wind-backs
  • Expired RUCs, WOFs, or licenses
  • NZ Customs flags on flood damaged imports
  • Deregistrations (possible accident damage)
  • If the vehicle is of interest to the police
  • Additional notes, e.g. repossession orders, engine and suspension modifications

As well displaying VIRs, the MotorWeb Interface will download vehicle information and pre-populate data fields, thereby saving data entry time and eliminating typing errors that may lead to misrepresentation of security information.

The Motor Vehicle Web Interface Add On supports an interface to MotorWeb's Vehicle Information Reports (VIR). This allows you to enquire upon Motor Vehicle information such as PPSR Security Interests, Vehicle Interests, Vehicle History, a detailed description of the Vehicle including VIN numbers and any alerts on the Vehicle.

More information on MotorWeb can be found at