client add-ons


Advanced Clients

The base finPOWER Connect system comes with a comprehensive client file, but where additional information is required to be captured, the finPOWER Connect Advanced Client Add-On can be used.

It introduces additional data capture fields for:

  • A list of "Also Known As" names
  • Employment details (for Individuals)
  • Personnel details (for Organisations)
  • Identification details

The Employment History holds details of the client's employment history and employment durations.

The Identification Page also has an inbuilt "100 Point Indentity Check" facility that can be customised to meet your specific requirements.


Client Statistics

An important evaluation criteria of any client is their ability to service a Loan.

To measure this you need to record their essential Client Statistics, i.e. Income, Expenses, Assets and Liabilities, and track changes in these over time. The finPOWER Connect Client Statistics Add-On is designed to do this efficiently and intelligently with the ability to add or remove the statistics recorded and define the frequency of the data entered.

Different sets of Statistics can be recorded for different Client Groups so that the information captured for a company client is different to an individual client. Default amounts can be applied to each "statistic", such as Telephone", so that data capture is made faster and standard values are maintained.

Important information, such as Available Income, Available Assets and Debt Ratio highlighted.


Credit Enquiry

The finPOWER Connect Credit Enquiry Add-On provides functionality to enquire on a Client's credit history in both Australia and NZ. The resulting Credit Reports are stored on the client file electronically for later easy reference.

The functionality of this add-on replicates what many clients already do manually, but allows you to do it from within finPOWER Connect, Loan Applications and using existing records.

The resulting Credit Report is then stored within finPOWER Connect Client records.

You may perform a Credit Enquiry on an existing client, and a log entry is saved. Alternatively you can perform an Ad hoc Credit Enquiry on any person or company.

Both Veda and Centrix Credit Reporting is available.


Address Interface

This option provides a summarised data extract that has Suburb, City and Post Code information only. There is no cost for this option, however a separate Postal Address End User Licence Agreement must be completed before installation. Quarterly updates to the database will be able to be downloaded from the Intersoft website at no ongoing cost.

Full Verification

The Postal Address Full Verification Add-On provides an extract from the PAF (Postal Address File) as provided by NZ Post. This allows addresses to be formatted and validated accurately in accordance with NZ Post's requirements, including the actual Delivery Point ID code. Additionally, each address can be edited manually as required, and when it has been verified as valid, a flag is set on the client.

An Address Sanitiser Utility is included in this option so that existing address information can be modified in bulk to conform to the new NZ Postcodes.