emPOWER is a series of e-commerce aware mid range general accounting software modules. It is a Windows based application which has features and reports aplenty to satisfy the most demanding User, yet is simple enough to use to be applicable to every small business. emPOWER interfaces to our finance software application finPOWER Connect.


Cash Book

emPOWER Cashbook provides you with a high level of functionality in an easy to follow, but full-featured system.

The advantages of using this system are that you can enter transactions such as Bank Lodgements and Cheque Payments in a matter of minutes daily, and reconcile your Bank Statements quickly and simply as they are received.

When GST is due, simply print the GST 101 Report or BAS Return, and all the information is presented for you.

General Ledger

emPOWER General Ledger allows for the easy addition of accounts and utilises the powerful Chart of Accounts Explorer. The familiar styled explorer graphically presents the structure of your Chart of Accounts and shows groupings, totals and accounts. emPOWER General Ledger allows you to have up to three different budgets to measure your performance, all of which are easily edited and reported on. Each Branch, Department and Account combination can be allocated its own budget. emPOWER General Ledger System will enable you to produce full Financial Reports to Balance Sheet stage, with Budget Variances, Management / Statistical data and extended reporting.

Accounting Modules

The emPOWER Base Accounting module is a fully integrated Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Stock Control Module that provides the essential foundations for the entire emPOWER distribution suite. It is designed with adherence to solid accounting concepts and can be enhanced by the addition of a number of optional Advanced versions and Add-Ons.

Multi User Add-On

The Multi User Add-On is available for all emPOWER Accounting Software Modules.

When the Multi User Add-On is purchased for emPOWER, unlimited Users can access the emPOWER system at any one time. There are no additional modules required for each new User and no need to audit the licensed Users.

SQL Server Features

emPOWER is built using an interchangeable database architecture that allows the system to use either a Microsoft Jet Database (the same database that is behind Microsoft Access) or a Microsoft SQL Server Database. The SQL Server version of emPOWER is exactly the same as the Access version of emPOWER, except it utilises the scalable Microsoft SQL Server database that offers a number of key benefits for larger users of emPOWER. These are:

  • 24/7 Operation - SQL Server Databases are designed to be operational 24/7 with built-in backup utilities that allow the database to be backed up while it is still "on-line".
  • Reduced network traffic - the SQL Server is a "Client/ Server application" meaning all database processing is undertaken on the Server and does not rely on data being sent from the server to the PC for processing and then back again.
  • Robustness - a SQL Server database is considered to be more robust and reliable than a Jet Database and is less prone to corruptions and locking issues when a PC crashes.
  • Scalable - if you are planning for significant growth SQL Server can grow with your company with ease and less restriction.
  • Security - There are greater levels of security, that utilise operating system level features rather than just application level security.

Here are our guidelines for when you should consider upgrading from Access (Jet) to SQL Server:

  • The size of the Access mdb file is greater than 100MB.
  • OR Number of active users (those users updating the database) is greater than 5.
  • OR Number of total users is greater than 20.
  • OR Reliability, Scalability, Security and Availability (eg for backups) are of concern.

These guidelines are guides only, as each individual site will have its own peculiarities, eg number and size of transactions compared to Other Parties.

For more information download the SQL Server Add-On Notes.