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"You cannot afford not to set up the correct procedure for Backups!"

FAQ0012 | 29 March 2011

When to Backup?

  • You should backup at the end of each day that you have processed information.
  • You should maintain a Backup 'Log Book' recording the date and time of backup and the Backup Set used.
  • Sometimes it is advisable to backup immediately prior to a critical operation. eg. prior to upgrading from one version of the software to the next.

WARNING: Most backup utilities will not backup open files (as information in the file cannot be guaranteed to be reliable). You must ensure no users have databases open at the time of the backup and importantly monitor any error messages, reports or logs the backup utility has. For this reason it is common for backups to be automated overnight.

For more information see TSB1015

Backup, Generations

One of the most important principles of backups is holding several "Generations" of Backups.

  • Backup media itself can become corrupt or simply lost.
  • You should maintain at least three sets of backups, so that the chances of not having at least one reliable backup are minimised. The backup "Generations" should be used in rotation, ie Backup on media set A, then B, then C, then back to A, then B, then C etc.
  • It is recommended you hold at least 3 generations of backups, but even more is an advantage. It is also recommended you complete a separate Monthly Backup in addition to regular backups. This backup should be held off-site, and preferably never be overwritten, ie. it is a permanent record held forever (or as long a the media is permanent).

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