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"We cannot stress enough how important good backups are!"

FAQ0011 | 29 March 2011

What to backup?

As a minimum you simply need to backup the one Company Database file using any backup (or copy) application.

  • These days backups cover a range of media, for example CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R to name but a few. Backup technology is changing rapidly, and it needs to as the volume of information is steadily increasing. In addition to "removable" media, backups also include "hard disk" copies of data and RAID drives. However these forms of backups should only be used in addition to removable media backups as they provide little or no protection against many forms of data corruption, eg. hardware failure.
  • It is recommended you hold all company databases (if running MS Access databases), templates and documents and the licence file in one folder that is not the main installation directory.
  • Ideally you should have (on a shared network drive) a folder named Data that has sub folders for each of the applications that store data. Therefore you would have a sub-folder named finPOWER Connect under which you would have further sub-folders for your templates, scripts, export files etc. This means you can easily backup the folder Data and all of its sub-folders, ie. all of your precious data.

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