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"Microsoft Access Versus SQL Server"

FAQ0009 | 29 March 2011

Which database engine should I use?

finPOWER Connect is flexible enough to run on a number of different database platforms, depending on your specific requirements.

MS Access (Jet)

  • included as standard within finPOWER Connect
  • is more suited for desktop use with a small number of users accessing it simultaneously
  • easy deployment, just copy the file out to the network and tell people the path to it

MS SQL Server

  • is a more robust database management system
  • was designed to have many users accessing it at any point in time
  • can be setup to automatically back up
  • can do incremental backups which means it can backup during the day rather than just once at night

So Which One - Microsoft Access or SQL Server?

It is recommended that SQL Server is used when the finPOWER Connect database size exceeds 200MB, or has more than 10 users.

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