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"finPOWER Column Grid has Changed"

FAQ0008 | 29 March 2011

My finPOWER screen does not look the same as before?


Grids are used in finPOWER, most commonly in search windows and batch entry, but also anywhere where multiple rows of information are shown, e.g. Client Lists

The layout of grids can be changed to suit your preferences and requirements. Each User can save their preferences so that the grid will display the same way each time the page is opened.

Window positions and grid column settings are normally saved and restored between uses.

This means that if you like having a particular Window in a particular position it will always open at that position, or if you prefer a column to be wider or in a different order these settings are retained the next time you open the window.

You can turn this automatic function on or off. eg. when you have all the windows in the position you like them in, turn off the save function so that if you do temporarily move a window it will re-open in your original preferred position.

To turn on automatic Layout Loading

From the Tools menu, ensure the Load Layout option is checked.

If this is checked all forms will be loaded using your previous settings. If unchecked the default settings will be used.

To turn on automatic Layout Saving

From the Tools menu, ensure the Save Layout option is checked.

If this is checked a form’s layout will be saved when it is closed.

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