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"finPOWER Connect Column Grid has Changed"

FAQ0007 | 29 March 2011

My finPOWER screen does not look the same as before?


Grids are used in finPOWER, most commonly in search windows and batch entry, but also anywhere where multiple rows of information are shown, e.g. Client Lists

The layout of grids can be changed to suit your preferences and requirements. Each User can save their preferences so that the grid will display the same way each time the page is opened.

To Show or Hide a Column in the Grid

Right click anywhere in the grid and select Column Chooser

You will see a list of optional columns that you may display in the grid, depending on which grid you are currently viewing.

Choose which rows you wish to see by ticking the box beside the column description.

You can also choose to not view a column, by un-ticking the column.

NOTE: If you are adding a column chooser to a grid ie: Clients,Logs. When you go to print a report ie: Client Details. The report will display the grid layout as per the last time the form was opened, so you will need to close the clients form and reopen it for it to work correctly.

Button Strip

Save the changes you have made by clicking the Save button found on the button strip at the bottom of the Grid you are altering.

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