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"finPOWER Connect Reporting Licence has Expired"

FAQ0001 | 29 March 2011

finPOWER Connect is reporting that the Licence Has Expired.


The system requires relicensing annually or more frequently for continued operation. We will contact you prior to the existing licence expiring, advising of the process for you to acquire the necessary relicensing codes. Intersoft Systems Limited will not issue relicensing codes if Annual Software Licence Fee payments are not current. In the event of the system not being relicensed prior to the expiry of the existing licence, read only access will granted for the system and no information will be able to be entered into the system.

If your licence is current, it maybe that you have lost the link to the licence file. To check the licence details go to Help; Licence Information and complete the following steps;

View / Edit Licence File

From the options appearing under "Select whether to view or edit the current Licence or create a new one." select "Current Licence" and click Next

Check the modules selected and click Next

Check the CSN number and Expiry Date, click Finish

Note: The Verification field will appear blank in View / Edit mode. If you wish to update the Licence enter the Verification code from your Licence Certificate.

Import Licence File

To update the licence details from a licence file, complete the following steps;

From the options appearing under "Alternatively you can import or export the current licence." select "Import Licence from a file" and click Next

Importing a new licenc will overwrite the existing licence, click Yes if you wish to overwrite the existing licence.

Note: You can create an export file of your existing licence by selecting "Export Licence to a file" from the previous screen

Click Yes to confirm you wish to update the Licence

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