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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Securitisation Module Released

We are pleased to announce the release of the Securitisation Module for finPOWER Connect.

Historically, tracking the transactions associated with a securitised loan book has been a complex and confusing process. Having to work out which payment needs to go where, when and for how much, has led to the development of multifaceted bespoke systems and has cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With the release of the finPOWER Connect Securitisation module the process of funding your loan book just got a whole lot easier. The Securitisation module is fully integrated into the core loan management system so the funder of each loan can be easily traced, its related transactions clearly identified and earnings and costs can be identified right down at the loan level.

The Securitisation Module is highly customisable so once your unique funding model is configured, the daily process of selling loans, buying them back, transferring them between funders and paying the funders is highly automated. As well, reporting is provided so that your funder is always kept abreast of their investment.

The Securitisation Module is already a proven success with an implementation into a major consumer lender site and is currently being rolled out to new clients in both Australia and NZ.

As the Securitisation Module is part of finPOWER Connect, you know you are working with one of the market's leading loan management systems and it is backed by over 30 years experience in developing world class business software systems.

If you fund all or part of your loan portfolio via a securitised funding line, then the Securitisation Module can manage the daily transaction flows:

  • Loans can be “sold” to the Funder and a schedule of payments maintained based on a number of pricing models
  • Payment schedules to the Funder are generated on due dates and disbursed via Direct Credit ensuring your Funders are paid on time, every time.
  • Loans can also be “bought back” and transferred between Funders where circumstances require it.
  • Funder payments can be on a separate cycle and term to the Securitised Loan are independent of the Loan account repayments
  • Full reporting to your Funders is supported

The finPOWER Connect Securitisation Module is highly customizable, catering for a wide range of funding and pricing models.


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