finPOWER news article

Monday, 20 February 2014

Intersoft Systems have released four exciting new Interfaces in the latest release of finPOWER Connect

One of the key design beliefs of finPOWER Connect is that the system should be the centre of a User's daily operations, and that instances where they are required to exit the system to gather any additional information should be kept to a minimum. In keeping with this design belief, we are pleased to announce four new Interfaces for the latest version of finPOWER Connect.


CreditWorks was Launched in 1998 and is New Zealand’s first, and most comprehensive, positive trade debtor (positive data) credit reporting system. The finPOWER Connect Interface returns a positive Credit file for trade debtors as well as full company information including other Directorships the Directors hold. The positive Credit file can include any debtor's credit history within your given industry including the aged indebtedness of a company. This credit history will enable you to make more accurate decisions on:

  • Which of your existing customers are at risk of defaulting on payments now and/or in the future
  • Whether a potential customer should be offered credit
  • And who your best customers are

To view a sample CreditWorks report please click here.

NZ Companies Office

This interface provides a direct interface to the NZ Companies Office database and returns a detailed report on the Company, its Shareholders and Directors. This information is stored on a Client Log for future reference.

The Companies Office does not charge for this service but you will need the finPOWER Connect Credit Enquiry Module to enable these reports. You will need to register for this service with the Companies Office – a process we can assist you with.

Veda New Zealand

finPOWER Connect has long been able to interface directly to Veda in both New Zealand and Australia for individual Credit Reports, a key part of which is the Payment Defaults section. This section details any payment defaults the individual has had and have been registered with Veda.

Have you ever wondered who contributes to that default information?

Now NZ clients can easily contribute to the pool of information with the latest version of finPOWER Connect. One click uploading of defaulted payments is fully supported as well as the ongoing maintenance of those defaults.


Decision Logic is a company that specialises in retrieving Bank statement transactional information with their Instant Account Verification service. The new interface in finPOWER Connect allows you to send your client a request for their bank account details and then have a summarised report and transactional information delivered directly back into finPOWER Connect. The request can be triggered from a Workflow or the Client Screen and the resulting information can be incorporated into Decision Cards for analysis and scoring. This is available for both NZ and Australian clients.

To view a sample DecisionLogic report please click here.

For more information on all of the above interfaces, please feel free to contacts us on +64 9 446 0751 or e-mail us.